OMNI-TV File (May 2011): Osama & Noam Chomsky; Immigrants = less crime; France’s all-white soccer; Geronimo and Obama; P???ing in the wind; Recesssion and divorces

Osama bin Laden (South Asian)

If there’s one thing that the United States hasn’t learned it is following the old proverb: practice what you preach – it preaches peace but then slaughters hundreds of thousands of civilians directly or indirectly in Vietnam, Cambodia and Latin America all under the rubric of fighting communism – and more recently in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan – to fight what it calls terrorism, again causing hundreds of thousands of civilian deaths directly or indirectly – then it bombs Libya allegedly to promote democracy and protect civilians, killing even more civilians – hence, I was not surprised when it’s special forces raided a hideout of the world’s most wanted terrorist Osama bin Laden in Pakistan  and assassinated him instead of capturing the unarmed man and bringing him back for a trial in open court in accordance with the rule of law – instead the US claimed to have matched his DNA before dumping his body in the ocean – a sea burial they called it – and the American public instead of holding their government responsible for breaching international law, came out into the streets to celebrate like the Mongols of Genghis Khan would celebrate after their armies had slaughtered entire civilizations – basic justice dictates that even a prostitute can be raped – by the same logic even a man accused of the bloodiest of all terrorist acts deserves a trial in open court – unless as American thinker Noam Chomsky says the government did not have enough evidence in the first place – after 9/11, didn’t Washington reject an offer by the Taliban to extradite bin Laden if presented with the evidence? –Think about it, I’m Zuhair Kashmeri.

Immigration and Crime (South Asian)

In the heyday of racism and stereotyping in Canada, largely thanks to the media’s penchant for dwelling on sensational crime, mainstream Canadians generally linked an increase in crime to an increase in new immigrants – it was always the blacks, the Browns and the Chinese, the whites could do no wrong – well, you might want to check out the latest issue of Canada’s Walrus magazine – its editor Rachel Giese investigated the correlation between immigration and crime and penned an article drawn from several studies that shows exactly the opposite of the immigrant equal crime logic – that is, more immigration actually equals less crime – she quotes from studies which show that first-generation immigrants are far less likely to commit crime than fourth or fifth generation Canadians – and guess what, new Canadians tend to cluster in their own community, ensuring that newcomers follow the rest in leading a crime free life – hey, we could even use the phrase low crime ghetto – trust the ethnics to turn a WASP oxymoron on its head –  so here is my advice to Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his majority government – instead of tough laws and mandatory jail terms and spending billions of dollars building jails that will only fatten the bank accounts of Tory supporters, just quadruple the number of immigrants – they’ll drop the crime rate, produce wealth for Canada, make sure that our pensions are intact and best of all bring the Tories back into power the way they did the Liberals for decades –Think about it, I’m Zuhair Kashmeri.

France and Racism (Diversity)

You know, I was getting ready to forget the all French thing with veils and Muslims when the French online investigative website Mediapart had broke the story that the French national soccer team believe it or not has a race quota – setting a limit on how many Black and Arab trainees should be allowed to train for the French national team – so as to I suppose maintain the racial purity of France’s national soccer icon – almost immediately after the report was published, there were wholesale denials from everybody and their mother – the French are very sensitive about being perceived as regressive – race became an issue after the terrible performance of the national team at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa – there were ugly rumours that its six black players had sold out France because of the African venue – France’s sports minister has ordered an investigation into the team selection story – but being Canadians, we know what such investigations mean – a whitewash, no pun intended – Think about it, I’m Zuhair Kashmeri.

Geronimo and Obama (Diversity)

You know what, when Pres. Barack Obama was running for election, I thought here is a son of Africa, a visible minority who will show the light to a country that had become England’s replacement for colonial conquest – an imperialist power – since then, my disappointment continues to mount – the latest, Obama acquiescing in the desecration of the name of native Indian leader and hero Geronimo to be used for the operation to assassinate the alleged mastermind of New York’s nine-eleven bombing Osama bin Laden – Geronimo for those of you not familiar with the name led the Apache wars in the late 1800s against the Americans, over the blatant theft of native land – what today we call the United States – for the native Indians, he is a supreme hero who legend has it walked without leaving footprints – what a gross disregard of native history and pride to use his name for the hunt to capture a man accused of horrendous acts of terrorism – Think about it, I’m Zuhair Kashmeri.

Wind Power Projects (Diversity)

Ontario’s Liberal government must be getting ready for an election – how else to explain the government putting on hold all the offshore wind power projects on the Great Lakes “until further scientific study” – given Canada’s position in the northern hemisphere, the Sun is not an option for us to create electricity – but wind is – especially the high winds on the Great Lakes harnessed to create countless megabytes of electricity – and the plans were there to build scores of wind farms offshore from the Scarborough Bluffs of Toronto and Kingston – but then a well organized lobby of genteel suburbanites began their campaign – claiming that these winds farms would actually harm the environment – when what they really meant was they will spoil our view of the lake and drop property value – forget that they will be gone and their grandchildren will face the consequences of an environment shot to bits because of their greed – and shame on Premier Dalton McGinty and his government for giving in to these selfish yahoos –Think about it, I’m Zuhair Kashmeri.

Post-recession Divorces (Diversity)

Supply and demand may be the building blocks of capitalism – but when the chips are down they don’t just apply to the economy – look at America – as the recession set in and people began defaulting on their mortgages, family lawyers suddenly found far fewer divorce cases – where once it was Kramer versus Kramer over the family property, during the recession, says Marshall Willick, a Las Vegas attorney, it was not a question of who gets the house but who’s stuck with this liability – in another of his cases, as the couple maintained their dogfight, the value of the house kept dropping, until neither wanted it and they halted divorce proceedings – in another case the bank refused to lend a husband money to buy out the ranch from his wife because the money was more than the value of the ranch – and what about 2011? Well, as the recession continues to subside slowly divorces are back in fashion as are the people who end up making the most money from them, lawyers –Think about it, I’m Zuhair Kashmeri.


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