OMNI-TV File: Welcome Kathleen Wynne – Canada’s first openly gay premiere in Ontario

Zuhair Kashmer on OMNI TV commentary logo

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Hardly has Canada’s first openly gay premier taken office when the rumblings have started in some ethnic communities that Kathleen Wynne is going to lose the next Ontario election because she is openly lesbian – before political pundits smear us, let’s set the record straight – remember how she beat the popular Conservative John Tory in Don Valley West? – well I remember Wynne attending an election meeting that was packed by minorities, many of them Muslims – she was introduced by a woman wearing a hijab, and another hijabi was her campaign staffer – it was known even then that she was gay – she won hands down – Wynne is one tough cookie, who will no doubt whip the Liberal caucus into shape – her administrative talents are proven, her fondness for multiculturalism is an open secret and her political talents became clear in her oft quoted phrase that the Liberals are a party of social justice and fiscal responsibility – in fact I look forward to Ontario under Wynne, rather than watching Conservative Tim Hudak shut down the human rights commission – and here is some advice for Prime Minister Stephen Harper for the next First Minister’s Conference – Canada now has six female premiers representing 80% of the population and a Winnipeg columnist has forecast a lineup outside the ladies room – so convert the men’s room for women and send the males across the road to the local pub – think about it, I’m Zuhair Kashmeri.

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