OMNI-TV File: The Hindu Muslim conflict in India; why it won’t end; half the world’s food is wasted

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The cause of the Hindu Muslim Conflict in India

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In case you are wondering why the Hindu Muslim conflict in India never ends, listen to the head of India’s semi-government Press Council – Markandey Katju, himself a Hindu, told a seminar that 90% of Indians are idiots who are easily taken for a ride by religious factions – religious riots are the easiest thing to start in India – to quote his words: 80% of Hindus and 80% of Muslims are communal – Wikipedia defines communal as denoting attempts to promote religious stereotypes and stimulate violence between groups such as Hindus and Muslims – while he blames the British Raj for injecting this poison for 150 years to main control and rule the country with ease – he also blames Indians for moving backwards instead of forward after independence – he’s right – as a result, India’s 150 million Muslims or 13% of the population face huge discrimination in everything from jobs to schooling, according to a government study – in fact, a feature story broadcast by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation revealed that large numbers of Muslims pose as Hindus to get jobs – ABC talked to a Muslim woman who every morning dresses up as a traditional Hindu wife for her job at a hospital – while an employment agency routinely describes Muslims as Hindus to place them – bottom line following Katju’s observation: the British have left but their communal torch is being carried faithfully by the idiots left behind – Think about it, I’m Zuhair Kashmeri.

Half the world’s food is wasted, specially in the west

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The next time a TV ad showing a hungry child appears on your screen, instead of your credit card reach for the telephone and call your MP, MPP and councillor, and tell them about a report by The Institute of Mechanical Engineers in Britain that half of the 4 billion tons of food produced in the world is thrown away, for reasons directly linked to our disgusting consumer society where supermarket specials coax you into buying food products that you don’t even need – in Europe and North America wastage totals 50% – this is also where regular ads send you into a buying frenzy – then there is the paranoia about deformed vegetables and fruits – the tomato must be round and shapely – after all, you cannot let a deformed tomato or cucumber destroy your signature salad – in the UK, 30% of vegetables are junked because they are deformed – says Tim Fox of the Institute: quote the amount of waste is staggering, this could be used to feed those in hunger today – now listen to this flipside of this waste: according to several medical journals, more than 300,000 Americans die each year because of obesity, making it second after smoking as a preventable cause of death – as the father of the English dictionary, Dr. Johnson, said, some people are born with a silver spoon in their mouth and others with a wooden ladle –Think about it, I’m Zuhair Kashmeri.

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