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India defies the US over Iran; web censorship, why sometimes it is necessary…: OMNI-TV File Feb. 2012

Zuhair Kashmer on OMNI TV commentary logo

India Ignores Uncle Sam, buys Iran Oil (Feb. 10, 2012)

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Finally, two developing countries are standing up to Uncle Sam over the issue of sanctions against Iran – India and South Africa – India in addition to having historic trading and cultural links with Iran, imports about 12% of its oil needs from that country – India used to pay Iran in dollars through a Turkish bank – which ended after the Americans, Canadians and the Europeans slapped economic sanctions against Iran based on unproved allegations that Iran’s nuclear energy program is simply to produce bombs – ludicrous when even America’s national intelligence chief James Clapper, standing beside the CIA chief, told a senate intelligence committee last week that they do not believe Iran has decided to build nukes – As the west began boycotting Iranian oil, India, which needs oil to keep up its growth rate, ignored American and European pressures and struck a deal with Iran to continue buying Iranian oil – Iran will accept rupees, hold these in Indian banks and use them to buy Indian agricultural products and machinery – pressure on India has already begun from Washington – and on South Africa – whose African National Congress still remembers how Ayatollah Khomeini funded the group’s liberation struggle to overthrow the white apartheid regime to fulfill a Koranic injunction to help the oppressed of the world – New Delhi should not give in to pressure and remember that the west needs India to buy its products, provide cheap services and to keep China from gaining world economic domination – besides, in the words of its first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, regional cooperation is key to defeating neo colonialism and India and Iran share very close historical links – think about it, I’m Zuhair Kashmeri. (For one of the more thorough backgrounds to this piece, click me)

Web Censorship in India (Feb. 17)

Sitting comfortably in Canada, with a huge literacy rate, my material needs looked after, it would be fairly easy for me to stand up and scream about anyone who attempts to censor anything on the Internet – after all, the web is supposed to be a free flow of information – but then I take myself back to my earlier days as a reporter in India – covering Bombay and the surrounding regions – I remember one town just outside Bombay – somebody supposedly threw cow meat at a temple – the rumour spread and within two days hundreds of men, women and children, both Hindu and Muslim, lay dead – I remember another town farther away where rumour of an upper caste girl marrying a lower caste boy left behind a massacre – forget the cops, they either look the other way, or as in the Muslim pogrom in Gujarat, took part in the massacre – communal, caste and inter-racial riots and violence begins in the world’s largest democracy at the drop of a hat – even today – in this context, when the government, following up on a court ruling, recently asked Google, Yahoo, FaceBook, Microsoft’s Bing, to remove content from their websites that could be construed as offensive to Hindus, Muslims and Christians, I had no problem in accepting the court’s dictum – while I adore the freedom of expression in Canada, I cherish even more the value that the west places on human life – unfettered freedom of expression is not a priority in countries that neither have the literacy or sophistication to appreciate this freedom nor the law enforcement mechanism to protect it – think about it, I’m Zuhair Kashmeri.



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