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Canada joins Roma bashing; Oil sands are dirty… period; Let’s tow away Toews’ Bill C-30; Hindus-Muslims join hands in gay bashing: OMNI-TV file March 2012

Zuhair Kashmer on OMNI TV commentary logo

Kenney and Immigration: slamming the door shut on Roma gypsies… shame on Canada

I’ve never thought much of Immigration Minister Jason Kenney and his curry in a hurry ethnic vote grab – but his overhaul of our refugee laws to block Roma gypsies places him even lower – under new rules, he could unilaterally decide over a plate of tandoori chicken that countries such as Hungary or the Czech Republic are safe countries from where no refugees will be accepted – most of the Roma refugees have fled to Canada from Hungary which has no Canadian visa requirement – in Hungary, as in other parts of East Europe, the Roma are second class citizens, openly discriminated against, beaten by right wing thugs, randomly stopped by police, their children harassed in schools, as documented by well known papers such as The Guardian – even in Italian cities such as Milan they live in a gated colony – to leave it they must produce their identity card, explain where they are going and for how long – the Roma’s I am talking about migrated from India more than a thousand years ago, were discriminated against from day one and then faced a genocide mounted by Hitler where hundreds of thousands of them were slaughtered? – instead of taking his cues from human rights groups, Kenney glibly says that all they want to come here for is a welfare cheque – even a light-weight like Madonna risked booing at a concert in Romania for pleading about the Roma – what on earth is happening to the kinder and gentler Canada? – are we becoming like this blogger with a Hungarian name who wrote: Allowing gypsies to come to Canada is very unwise. Gypsy culture is criminal activity — think about it, I’m Zuhair Kashmeri.
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