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Canada joins Roma bashing; Oil sands are dirty… period; Let’s tow away Toews’ Bill C-30; Hindus-Muslims join hands in gay bashing: OMNI-TV file March 2012

Zuhair Kashmer on OMNI TV commentary logo

Kenney and Immigration: slamming the door shut on Roma gypsies… shame on Canada

I’ve never thought much of Immigration Minister Jason Kenney and his curry in a hurry ethnic vote grab – but his overhaul of our refugee laws to block Roma gypsies places him even lower – under new rules, he could unilaterally decide over a plate of tandoori chicken that countries such as Hungary or the Czech Republic are safe countries from where no refugees will be accepted – most of the Roma refugees have fled to Canada from Hungary which has no Canadian visa requirement – in Hungary, as in other parts of East Europe, the Roma are second class citizens, openly discriminated against, beaten by right wing thugs, randomly stopped by police, their children harassed in schools, as documented by well known papers such as The Guardian – even in Italian cities such as Milan they live in a gated colony – to leave it they must produce their identity card, explain where they are going and for how long – the Roma’s I am talking about migrated from India more than a thousand years ago, were discriminated against from day one and then faced a genocide mounted by Hitler where hundreds of thousands of them were slaughtered? – instead of taking his cues from human rights groups, Kenney glibly says that all they want to come here for is a welfare cheque – even a light-weight like Madonna risked booing at a concert in Romania for pleading about the Roma – what on earth is happening to the kinder and gentler Canada? – are we becoming like this blogger with a Hungarian name who wrote: Allowing gypsies to come to Canada is very unwise. Gypsy culture is criminal activity — think about it, I’m Zuhair Kashmeri.
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OMNI-TV File (October): Pakistan, its ISI and America…; Kashmir – the politics of slaughter and mass graves…



Kashmir and DNA testing — dissappearances, mass graves and the politics of slaughter

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Imagine reading on the front page of your favourite newspaper or watching on your favourite TV newscast that thousands of bodies have been discovered in mass graves in a country – the result of extrajudicial killings – imagine the hue and cry in the Canadian Parliament – imagine the outrage and condemnation – headlines would continue for days – well, we did live through a similar scenario just recently – Omar Abdullah, the chief minister of the Indian state of Kashmir, announced that DNA testing will be carried out on hundreds of bodies found in mass graves – human rights activists say thousands of people, suspected by Indian security forces of either being militants or having links to such groups demanding independence for India’s Muslim majority state of Kashmir, were summarily detained and killed – Across the valley, more than 8000 relatives live in enduring uncertainty, hoping that missing relatives may one day come home alive – while on the one hand, this DNA testing decision is a testament to India’s democracy, on the other hand this democratic response has been rather slow and reluctant and condemnation from the champions of democracy in the western world non-existent – the disappearances have been documented for years in well-known magazines and in books such as Pankaj Mishra’s Temptations of the West – Booker prize-winning author Arundhati Roy never stops talking about the disappearances of Kashmir’s young men – but don’t expect a hue and cry in Ottawa – after all, these are all just Muslims, and these days Muslims are fair game for drone attacks and extra-judicial killings, or simply because they happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time – Think about it, I’m Zuhair Kashmeri but with no connection to that troubled state.

Pakistan, its ISI and America: is there some mischief afoot?

Once again, Pakistan’s spy agency, the ISI, is in a spotlight of infamy – it has been accused by one of the highest-ranking American military officers, Adm. Mike Mullen, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, of organizing two of the deadliest bombings in Afghanistan – in mid-September, a NATO outpost south of Kabul was truck bombed, killing five people and wounding 77 foreign troops, plus an armed assault on the US Embassy left 16 Afghan police officers and civilians dead – the admiral told a Senate armed services committee open quote with ISI support, Haqqani operatives planned and conducted that truck bomb attack, as well as the assault on our embassy end of quote – Mullen said the Haqqani group is an arm of the ISI – US intelligence says it also was able to determine through cell phone wiretaps that the ISI was behind the 2008 bombing of the Indian Embassy in Kabul which left several dead – the story played out in the media for two days and then simply vanished – but if you reflect on it, this is a very serious charge against a country, Pakistan, which I have said time and again is a totally failed state that should never have been created in the first place – for lesser accusations than this, people have been hauled in as war criminals and put to trial – is the head of the ISI, Lieutenant General Ahmed Shuja Pasha, going to be extradited to face charges of war crimes and murder? – Of course not – but it does lay a media manipulation groundwork for America to undertake its unfettered extrajudicial killings outside of any international law that it imposes on other countries –Think about it, I’m Zuhair Kashmeri.


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9/11: The algebra of infinite justice by Arundhati Roy


 As the US prepares to wage a new kind of war, Arundhati Roy challenges the instinct for vengeance

 Arundhati Roy

The Guardian, Saturday 29 September 2001

In the aftermath of the unconscionable September 11 suicide attacks on the Pentagon and the World Trade Centre, an American newscaster said: “Good and evil rarely manifest themselves as clearly as they did last Tuesday. People who we don’t know massacred people who we do. And they did so with contemptuous glee.” Then he broke down and wept.

CLICK THIS LINK to read the rest of the article at The Guardian, U.K. : The algebra of infinite justice or if the link does not work, click me to read our PDF.


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OMNI-TV file (September): 9/11 tenth anniversary — What did we learn? Zilch…; Stephen Harper disses Muslims, again; Gaddhafi and his colonial ‘friends’; Jack Layton…; School prayer capers in Toronto

9/11: the tenth anniversary — what did we learn? ZILCH…

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As we mark the 10th anniversary of the horrific tragedy known as 9/11, have we learned anything from this? – other than clichéd headlines: in the shadow of ground zero, hallowed ground, confronting Islamic jihad, America’s real war – heart rending tales of victims and families – TV shows about a tragedy that changed the world forever – a theme that allowed the September 11, 2001 -- photo montageUS to invade Afghanistan and radicalize a Muslim world already convinced that America and its NATO allies were out to destroy Islam – to invade Iraq on falsified information and commit horrific war crimes – to continue using its drones to kill people it identifies as al-Qaida terrorists and with them, hundreds of innocent Muslims who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time – 3000 people died in 9/11, but when did you last read about how many have died in Iraq? – According to Information Clearinghouse, a news aggregator, almost one and a half million Iraqi men, women and children have been killed – and then there is the theme about the 19 terrorists behind nine eleven driven by a crazed Islamic ideology which needs to be fought worldwide – but can we simply write off nine eleven as the work of crazy Muslims who hated everything Western? – immediately after nine eleven, Sunera Thobani, a women’s studies professor at the University of British Columbia, said that the motive may well lie in US foreign policy – her quote from Chile to El Salvador to Nicaragua to Iraq, the path of U.S. foreign-policy is soaked in blood – and let’s not forget the biggest issue that nobody brings up: America’s – and Canada’s – biased support of Israel in the Palestinian struggle for a homeland – Think about it, I’m Zuhair Kashmeri.
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